Parent & Family Opportunities


Parents and families are an important part of the P.S. 128M community. There are many ways to participate and be involved with your child's school.

  • Attend weekly classes sponsored by the Parents Association
  • Learn more about how to support your child's academics at home with our Parent Workshops
  • Connect with your child's teachers throughout the school year and attend all Parent Conferences
  • Join us for our Family Fun Nights
  • Volunteer as a class parent
  • Help provide snacks for the class
  • Volunteer to share and participate in our College & Career Week activities

For more information, please speak to our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Alexandra Sanchez.

Stay Connected

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If you would like to be a part of our email listing to receive up to date information, please complete the Family Email Listing Google Form.

Uniform Policy

P.S. 128M is a uniform school. Our school uniform consists of a yellow top (ie: short/long sleeve polo, short/long sleeve button down) and a navy bottoms (ie: pants, skirt).

Please note that school uniforms must be worn on all field trips and participation in school-wide assemblies.

Why DO Schools Adopt a Uniform policy? (information from

  • Uniforms take the competition out of the dress
  • Keeps the focus on Learning, not on clothes
  • Everyone Fits in With Their School
  • Safety! Easy to identify students & their school association
  • Magnifies an image of success

To purchase uniforms, visit your local school uniform store, or try one of these online vendors (click for direct link):

Attendance Policy

According to the NYC DOE, "A student who is not in school for at least one class period must be marked absent, even if the absence is excused. Attendance records in the electronic system cannot be changed after the middle of July. However, attendance records may be amended by submitting a letter to the student's file."

"Every absence counts. Excused absences are still absences. Schools can excuse absences when a student misses school for religious, medical or emergency reasons, but the excused absences is a legal part of the student's record. Excused absences may not count against a student for school awards or participation in school activities."

Wellness Policy & Recess Plan

As part of the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan, we have created a goal for the 2018-2019 school year to support wellness.

By June 2019, 100% of students will engage in developmentally appropriate wellness instruction, as part of daily learning, in order to develop and maintain health related fitness awareness, as measured by student participation.

As a result, we have partnered with Columbia Presbyterian Hospital's CAM Program, Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, Dreamers, Move to Improve, and other Community Based Organizations to support the social emotional learning and physical health for all students.

Wellness Policy

Recess Plan